5 Simple Tips for Creating the Life You Want (even when things aren’t easy)

Colleen Mook shares five of her simple tips for creating the life you want even when things aren’t easy. Tune in for some great, easy-to-implement ideas that can help you get on track.  You will hear Colleen and her guests reference these five simple tips on all the upcoming interviews. You will also gain a lot of insight and ideas learning how others implement (or don’t), these five simple tips.

You can download the 5 Simple Tips on the homepage of this website as well for easy reference. To summarize the tips, they are:

  1. Figure out what it is that you really really want
  2. Create a vision board
  3. Eliminate tolerations
  4. Find the gift in everything
  5. Write in a gratitude journal

Listen in for more on how you can implement these 5 simple tips for creating the life you want, even when things aren’t easy!


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