You’re a Fighter, You Have Choices with Meredith Weiss

Meredith Weiss, a single mom with a full time job who also manages a side business, blogs, and runs ultra-marathons. is Colleen’s guest on the podcast. This is an inspirational conversation with Colleen’s  running buddy and friend where you are going to hear why Meredith’s mantra is, “You’re a fighter, you have choices.”  Meredith discuss how to overcome challenges to create the life you want, touching on areas such as the importance of asking for help, believing in yourself, and to keep going even through the difficult times because you will get through it and you will shine.

She shares a very personal story of love lost and disappointment but that has not hardened her even though it was deeply traumatic and not exactly the life she had envisioned for herself. She will inspire others to keep going even when things don’t go the way we planned in this life of ours.

She shares how she shifted into fitness and now is an avid runner and she educates us on what exactly is an ultra marathon. She will inspire the non-runner into being a runner and shares it is so much more than pounding the pavement. She talks about the importance of girlfriends, setting goals and asking for help.

You can shop at her Stella & Dot website here and read more about Merrie and her journey on her blog, LoveMerrieLeigh.

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