Cheryl Rice, a life coach, founder of the You Matter Marathon movement and author of Where Have I Been All My Life is Colleen’s guest this week on the podcast. Cheryl shares how she grew up as a people pleaser and how that influenced her throughout her life. It wasn’t until after the death of her mom, who was her greatest champion, did she truly start living her life for her. She talks about her transformation, the reason behind writing her memoir which was probablby the hardest thing she has ever done but also her most freeing moment.  Cheryl shares tons of wisdom and helpful tips on paying attention to yourself, following your passion and finding happiness. She received her certificate in applied positive psychology and is helping women find their voice through her coaching practice. Her movement she is in the middle of right now is the You Matter Marathon where she shares how one simple gesture can change someone’s life.  To learn more about the You Matter Marathon, click here and learn how you can participate in this movement (no running required). You can learn more about Cheryl and her company at  Your Vision Your Voice. 

Cheryl spoke highly of the following resources:

The Flourishing Center

Authentic Happiness

Greater Good Science Center

Meet the Author
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