Colleen’s solo riff this week is on the power of accountability, and how to use it to help you achieve your goals. Accountability is basically being responsible for what you say you are going to do. Whether those goals are big or small, finding a way to be accountable can be a powerful motivator. You can use this for business goals, fitness goals or really any personal goals.  There’s always a reason or an excuse for us not to do what we need to do which is why using accountability can really work for you. It’s not always fun, but it works!

Colleen shares a few ways to use accountability to work for you and gets into these on the podcast:

  1. Being accountable to yourself (this works well for the highly disciplined)
  2. Put it out there publicly
  3. Accountability Partners and Groups

Accountability truly rocks if you embrace it.  Colleen encourages you to find a partner and share a goal and use accountability to move you and your goals forward. You got this!

Colleen talks about her podcast accountability partner, Ceil, and Ceil’s new podcast which is Sew Much More which you can find here. Her business accountability partner is Yolanda Coleman and Colleen recently had Yolanda as her guest on the podcast. You can listen to that one here.


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