Yolanda Coleman is the founder of Team Tutor and mother of three as well as Colleen’s accountability partner in business.  Yolanda talks about resiliency and a mantra she tells herself, “Just be strong- you got this.”  She is the mother of three daughters and talks about the importance of teaching kindness to our children. She gets personal and talks about the recent death of her father and how sometimes you just have to be easy on yourself when you are going through a difficult time.  Yolanda also talks about the importance of an accountability partner and working hard. She also shares how she uses the simple strategy to do something everyday to get you closer to your goals and dreams. Colleen has also learned from Yolanda the value in pausing and thinking before you act right away and Yolanda speaks on this as well.  Yolanda is a former teacher, current tutor and her business is all about supporting students so Yolanda is an expert in her field. She shares some great insights into strategies for smooth after school transitions, helping our children with homework and tools for keeping our kids organized. You can learn more about Yolanda and her business, Team Tutor, here. Here are a few blogs that she referenced in the podcast that could help out parents of school age children.

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