It Takes a Village with Colleen Mook

Colleen’s back with a random riff about her latest adventures, reminding us it’s okay to take care of ourselves sometimes and that a strong support network is key to getting through life. Don’t be afraid to lean on the help of others…just be sure to do your part to help when it’s your turn!

Commentary from Colleen: I’m cracking up at this picture. This past weekend, we went out to dinner with our good friends, Noel and Matt, and they did me a huge favor and picked up some Baby Be Hip inventory from an employee of mine who lives by them and we did the “hand off” post dinner Sat night. I thought this was the perfect podcast tile picture for my recent random riff on Be Bold, Be Brave, Be YOU podcast with the theme being, “It Takes A Village.” I would not survive in this life without my village.

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