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Colleen speaks with Gary Szenderski, branding specialist and author of "Szen Zone: Reaching a State of Positive Change". Gary shares how he gained his uplifting perspective as well as some tips for creating the life you want. His positive frame of mind is a reminder to us all that how we react to things that [...]

In this episode Colleen interviews career coach and podcast host and former Sirius XM radio host Maggie Mistal. Maggie explains how she was fortunate to find her calling early in her career and pivot to a role she loves, and how she goes about helping others find alignment and happiness in their work lives. She shares [...]

In today's episode, recorded on World Autism Day, Colleen interviews mom, author and activist Erica Daniels. Erica discusses the challenges of being a single mom to an autistic child, the origin of her new book Cooking with Leo, and how she became an advocate for medicinal cannabis. Her calm demeanor, sense of humor and determination set [...]

In this episode, Colleen interviews Jen Cohen Crompton, a hustling entrepreneur with an infectious "won't fail" attitude. Jen shares how she learned to juggle her many pastimes, which include owning and running a boxing/cycling studio with her husband, running a content marketing firm, teaching college courses, and being a wife and mom. Her mantra of [...]

In this interview episode, Colleen gets deep with her college friend Christine Petrane, a former teacher who stays involved in her community through volunteering and advocacy. Christine talks about how she's overcome confidence issues brought on by childhood challenges and how sticking to the basics helps guide her life, whether she's teaching her children core [...]

Lu Ann Cahn, eight-time Emmy award-winning TV reporter, mom, two-time cancer survivor, and author of the inspirational book, I Dare Me, is Colleen's guest this week.  Lu Ann discusses getting stuck in her career and life and how, at her daughter's urging, she embarked on a year-long journey of firsts to find courage and happiness. [...]

Mary Jane Hurley Brant, psychotherapist and author of the book When Every Day Matters is Colleen's guest on the podcast this week.  MJ shares her deep perspective on dealing with loss, finding our passions and learning to accept the life that's in front of us. She is no stranger to loss having endured so much [...]

Nicole Olivieri, mom of two and creator of Gladiator Soap is Colleen's guest this week. Nicole discusses how her life pivoted after meeting her husband and what she's learned about dealing with disruptive change, and shares everything from lifestyle tips to life lessons. Above all, Nicole encourages us to embrace opportunity, because failure is temporary but [...]

Beke Beau, make-up artist, is Colleen's guest this week on the podcast. They talk about her fascinating journey of re-creation, from rock star to waitress to college valedictorian to Harvard Divinity School and make-up artist. Beke shares the twists, turns and challenges she's encountered along the way, what she's learned and even what she sees [...]

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