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Colleen's back with a random riff about her latest adventures, reminding us it's okay to take care of ourselves sometimes and that a strong support network is key to getting through life. Don't be afraid to lean on the help of others...just be sure to do your part to help when it's your turn! Commentary [...]

In this week's random riff, Colleen talks about a new challenge she's undertaking over the next month and how she's staying on track despite some early setbacks. She encourages us to get started with our own challenge, to push for change as it's the only way to get results. Are you up for it?

Do you have a word of the year for 2017? Listen in on today's podcast as Colleen discusses her word of the year for this year and how and why she chose the word that she did. Do you need some more inspiration, head on over to Colleen's Corner blog on her other site, Baby [...]

In this week's solo "Random Riff" by Colleen, she talks on the power of gratitude. She talks about the many benefits of having a gratitude practice and several easy ways to bring more happiness and health into your life by having a daily gratitude practice. Here's a link to the 5 Minute Journal that Colleen uses [...]

Colleen riff's on the 40% Rule which she recently read about in an Inc article. The article starts off by stating that 99% of people who start a marathon finish. Pretty incredible, isn't it? There are 26.2 long and taxing miles in a marathon.  It is an incredibly surprising fact but I have since learned, [...]

Colleen riffs about the "Principle of Detachment" in this week's solo podcast. Letting go of outcomes and instead learning to just trust and enjoy the journey can make all the difference. Of course, it is easier said then done but the more conscious of the idea, the better at it we can become.  One of the [...]

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