Colleen shares her joy following Ellie’s triathlon in this week’s solo podcast. She encourages us all to say yes more often  to opportunities. She talks about this last minute opportunity to have her special needs daughter, Ellie Mook, participate in a triathlon.  It was a dream come true and she shares how the hustle leading up to the event was well worth it even though it was a little scary saying yes initially. The point is that even though we may be uncertain or uncomfortable, saying yes can open doors to new experiences, relationships and opportunities and at a minimum helps us grow as people.

In the podcast, Colleen talks about the idea to say yes to something and then you can figure it out. You do not need to have all the answers figured out before you sign up for something. Often times, the reason we figure things out is because we said yes. She also talks about intentional living and to make room for spontaneity.

She shares how she got out of her comfort zone and her life changed. There were many highs and plenty of lows but life has been so fun and exciting ever since she decided to say YES to life and living again. For many years, she stopped saying yes after she had her daughter, Ellie, because life was so challenging every day but now she feels like she is back on top and has accepted her “new normal.”

So get out there and say YES! You will be amazed at what happens when you say yes! You will be scared but that’s a really good sign and that means you really need to do it. Even the most successful people out there have fear but they push through their fear and continue to say YES! You can too.

If you’d like to see a short video of the triathlon with Ellie, click here.  It truly is a beautiful video to watch a magic in motion. Gavin Mook is Ellie’s brother who really stepped up to the plate and was Ellie’s hero in the triathlon. He had a lot of doubts himself and initially really did not want to do this. As a mom, I am so proud that he checked his fear and put it aside to do something greater for his sister. In the end, I know he was really happy he did it and didn’t let the fear stop him from moving forward. It was a powerful day and a powerful lesson for all!

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