She Sees the Possible

Colleen jumps into this solo episode with a quick tip and then explores one of her favorite inspirations, the vision board. She shares this little hack of jumping on a trampoline before a podcast or really anything where one wants to increase their energy and get the blood moving. She learned this from watching and reading how Tony Robbins gets into peak state for presentations.

Colleen talks about several things that are on her own vision board and how so many things have come to fruition that have been on her vision board. Hopefully this will motivate you to create one for yourself if you haven’t already. She then shares one of her vision board’s prominent features, an affirmation she discovered from the Female Entrepreneur Association. Where most see the impossible, she sees the possible…

As promised, here is her positive affirmation, She Sees the Possible,  that she reads often that’s on her vision board:

Where most see the impossible, she sees the possible. She thinks BIG and believes she can make it happen. She has the courage to keep going, no matter what adversities she faces in life. She knows that if she’s going to make it through the hard times she has to stay positive and believe that everything will be OK. She takes care of herself because she knows her health is everything. She focuses on what she loves doing and cleverly outsources the rest. This Girl is going to achieve amazing things no matter what. 



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