Love the One You’re With with Colleen Mook

Colleen talks about the importance to Love the One You’re With. She references the popular song by Stephen Stills and how she often is telling herself that or rather singing it to herself. She shares her family’s decision to put down the screens (ie- devices), and pay attention to each other, especially during meal times. She acknowledges just how difficult it is for her especially as an e-commerce business owner at Baby Be Hip but that it can be down. It is really all about being conscious and disciplined and some gentle reminders. Now, let’s see if you can NOT sing the phrase, Love the One You’re With! What do you think? Do you agree with this one or not? It may be controversial but this is a decision they made for their family. It may or may not be right for yours but that is the beautiful thing about this life – to each his own!

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