From Loss, Grace with guest Peggy Dolan

Peggy Dolan, Mother, Founder and Chief Storyteller of the Kelly Anne Dolan Memorial Fund is Colleen’s guest this week on the podcast. Peggy shares her personal experiences and perspective, showing us that even the most devastating setbacks can be turned into journeys of goodness and fulfillment.  Throughout her life as a mother, Peggy has endured more than most yet she kept her faith. She also relied on some of the life lessons her grandmother taught her at age 3 which carried her through the difficult times.

Over the past 40 years, the non-profit she started after the loss of her daughter, Kelly Anne, has helped over 27,000 families caring for children with serious illness, injuries and disabilities. Peggy shares with us her story of navigating the non-profit world when there was no internet and she truly was figuring it out as she went. Her story of starting the non-profit is inspiring and amazing yet it wasn’t easy but she kept with it because her passion and desire to help others was so strong.

Peggy states so beautifully that “every life has a purpose.”

More about the Kelly Anne Dolan Memorial Fund can be found on their website, DolanFund and on their Facebook page.

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