Keep Moving Forward with guest Dana Linn Greenhalgh

Dana Linn Greenhalgh, a wife and mom of three who lost her first husband to cancer is Colleen’s guest on the podcast. Dana talks about handling some of the challenges she’s faced and how she keeps moving forward and evolving as her life continues to unfold in unpredictable ways.

Dana encourages us to be easier on ourselves, to live in the moment and drop guilt. We then talk about facing our fears, being true to oneself and the power of quiet.

Listen in as her warm spirit is sure to inspire you.

  • Dana references the amazing organization, For Pete’s Sake. that really became a gift to her.
  • The quote she loves (we do too) is “The cave you fear to enter holds the treasure you seek” by Joseph Campbell.
  • To contact Dana, you can reach her on Facebook here.

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