Molly Mook from Everyday Gymnastics is on the podcast this week. At 15 years old, Molly is not only a full-time student but also an accomplished competitive gymnast and a successful YouTuber. She is also Colleen’s oldest daughter and this kid has a lot of wisdom and advice for other teens and adults.  Listen in as she shares some of her insights about the importance of positive imagery, persistence and building community. The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree!

Molly shares what it is like to have a sister with special needs. She discusses some of the challenges that comes with the territory but also how her sister has made her a better person. She also talks about the importance of discipline and sticking with your craft even when things are hard and you feel like quitting. Molly was late to start in her sport of gymnastics but with hard work and discipline, she has caught up to most of her peers. She shares what it is like to be a YouTuber and how she now makes an income from doing what she loves. She talks about the fact that for many many videos, no one was watching them or paying attention to them but now they are. She also shares how she has had to deal with the critics and the skeptics as she put herself out there in the arena.

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