Guest Chris Ulmer of Special Books by Special Kids

Christopher Ulmer of Special Books by Special Kids (SBSK) is Colleen’s guest on the podcast today.  Chris is a shining example of living his passion, helping others and being bold, brave and uniquely himself. As a result of this, he has created an amazing community which is adding value to both the special needs community and the neurotypical world. His mission is to normalize the diversity of the human condition and he is doing that through his amazing video interviews that he shoots, edits and shares on Facebook and his blog. He travels the world speaking about the gifts these children have to offer and how we can better relate to them. Special Books by Special Kids is a multi-media movement that spreads empathy, understanding and acceptance for neurodiverse individuals.

We learn about Chris and his background which is fascinating. He shares some of the cool stuff that have arisen from his blog and his videos gone viral but also the more meaningful and important things to Chris  such as building relationships with others and connecting on their level. He is living his mission.

We also talk about pushing pass fear and how Chris did that with public speaking which was a fear of his before. Chris also has a great point for all people which is to know your worth. It is important to not be afraid to ask for what you want. We talk about why he think he’s been able to attract close to a million followers…the key – Just start and be true to yourself.

You will be inspired to go out and leave an impact on this world.  Be sure to check out, Special Books by Special Kids on Facebook and their website. Thank you, Chris for shining your beautiful light and helping so many!

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