Colleen riffs on one of  her favorite philosophies which is  “good enough is good enough”. High standards have their place, but sometimes “perfect” can be the enemy of “done”.  Often times good enough works for 95% of things.  This is NOT to say that mediocrity is the goal, not at all. We are talking about letting go of the paralyzing perfectionism and embracing “good enough” which is often times still great! Listen in as Colleen talks about the importance of just putting it out there and continuing to moving forward.

Colleen shares that after speaking with many other women who are also moms the general theme is that  we as women are too hard on ourselves. We never give ourselves a break and want to be perfect…perfect at work, at home, with the kids, and perfect with all of our other commitments. It’s exhausting though and it is often with time and hard-earned wisdom, we learn that there is no such thing as “perfect”.

Colleen also talks about the important concept of figuring out what your definition of success is. Most likely your definition of success is very different from your friends, your neighbors and other business owners, etc.  The big thing to remember is only when you stop comparing yourself to others that you can fully be present with your reality and live your best life for you. It allows you to focus on the things that matter to you and to let the other things go.  It’s a beautiful  when you can accept “good enough” and define what success is to you.


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