Go After It! with guest Elyse Lupin

Elyse Lupin, President of Elysium Marketing Group and founder of the WoMo Network for working moms is Colleen’s guest this week on the podcast. Elyse shares how she made the leap from her corporate career to entrepreneurship, after the birth of her son, Gavin. Elyse needed to quickly replace her corporate salary now as a new entrepreneur,  so you will be inspired that you can grow a business quickly, if you want it bad enough. Elyse clearly has the discipline and drive which is integral to reach that goal. Elyse then found the WoMo Network with the goal of working moms helping each other as she saw this was lacking once she went back to work full time with a child now. It’s a lot different once little people come into the mix! Elyse also shares about a pregnancy loss and how she was able to keep going, even when it was difficult. We also dive into small business marketing and Elyse shares some great insight.   The common theme throughout the podcast is, figure out what you want and go after it!

You can learn more about Elyse here:
company webite: www.elysiummg.com
WoMo website: www.womonetwork.org

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