Go For It! with guest Beth Pensabene

Beth Pensabene of Stella & Dot is a very successful direct sales rep as well as a mother of four children. Beth talks about how there is a direct correlation that her returns are related to her efforts with her business, Stella & Dot, compared to her previous corporate job.  I love how she shares the idea of finding a pacing partner for all facets in your life.  As a mom of 4 as well as working full time, she stresses the importance of having a schedule because the time truly does go by so quickly.  She urges the listeners that if you are on the fence for trying something new to just go for it. She often tells her potential team members to try things out for a season and to see how it goes. She offers many tips and strategies throughout the podcast such as doing the thing you hate first as well as how we have to have a digital detox and take a break from screens which will also help us be more present with our children.

You can learn more about Beth on Facebook here,  and visit her Stella & Dot page for shopping or to contact her.  A fun YouTube video showing Beth in her element here.

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