“Get To” vs “Have To” with guest Ceil DiGuglielmo

Ceil DiGuglielmo of Sew Much More is today’s guest on the podcast. Ceil shares great perspective as a wife, mom, business owner and so much more, having learned lessons through multiple life challenges. She talks with Colleen about overcoming her fears and creating a life of service on her terms.

Ceil talks about her struggles with infertility, losing an uncle at a young age as well as the tragic loss of her 17 year old nephew and being a cancer survivor. She shares that there is a lesson in every challenge and proves that you can get to the other side.

Ceil will inspire you to go after your dreams and do it before someone else does it. We talk about saying yes, and getting in the arena even when you are scared and nervous. She also talks about the need for us to celebrate the wins along the way because often, we don’t do that.

Ceil adopted two beautiful daughters and also offers some wonderful parenting advice for the young parents out there.

As one of nine children, Ceil learned the value of hard work and hustle. She shares her morning ritual and her beautiful mantra of, “I already have everything I need.” Ceil shares a beautiful mindset shift which is, I “Get To” vs “Have To” and it makes all the difference in the world. Her simple tip to everyone out there is to SHARE. Share your knowledge, your time and yourself.

Ceil is also a podcaster and is Collen’s podcast accountability partner too. You can listen to her podcast here. For more info on Ceil and her business, Sew Much More, click here.

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