Finding Your Space with guest Liz Small

Liz Small, mom of two and founder of Small Steps is Colleen’s guest on the podcast this week. Liz has an engaging and fun personality and she shares how being the youngest of 8 children influenced her into who she is today.  Liz talks openly about spirituality and prayer and shares how she got really angry at God as an adult after losing her Dad at just three years old.  Liz talks about several things that many adults struggle with when it comes to connecting with our spirituality.  You really feel as though you are talking to your incredibly deep and fun best friend in this podcast. Liz helps women find their spirituality and deepen their relationship with their higher power in a very informal and fun way through her work at Small Steps through her mini-refreshes and retreats.  She is an expert on helping women find their power and self-acceptance. Her mission is to help women to live their life they way they were created to live.  We talk about being true to oneself and the magic in just showing up and just giving it a try.  Liz shares the power in the history of grace and how we can use that to get us through any challenge we may be facing.

Liz also talks about things such as avoiding mom-guilt, which she says she knows a lot about and she encourages us to ask ourselves if the guilt is serving us well, or not.  We talk about living intentionally, a fixed mindset versus a growth mindset and her planning style. Sit back and enjoy this enlightening and fun conversation with Liz Small.

There are  few spots left for Liz’s Holiday ReFresh if you are in the Philadelphia area. It is a relaxing evening for women to take time for themselves going into to this busy season and setting intentions for how they want it to go and a plan of what to do when it doesn’t go that way :).




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