Don’t Be Married To Your Story with guest Caitlin Domanico

Caitlin Domanico is Colleen’s guest this week on the podcast. She is a woman of many talents and perspective beyond her years. Caitlin shares what she’s learned through the highs of success, the lows of loss, and changing things up when it just doesn’t feel right. With her wise soul and bubbly personality, Caitlin’s story is sure to inspire anyone looking to take a step forward but just not sure where to begin.

Caitlin shares what it is like to go viral on the internet both the good and the bad. Check out her #unitedwefeed project and listen to what has happened as a result of taking a big swing!

You will leave inspired to know you are not married to your story. You can pivot in this life many times. You can learn more about Caitlin below:

Photography by Caitlin Domanico, LLC –

Her book “Photographing Motherhood: How to Document the Lives of Women and Their Families” is available on Amazon.

And follow Caitlin on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

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