Being Radically Honest with guest Christa Hayburn

In this must listen to podcast, Christa Hayburn shares that no matter how difficult your childhood is, you can write your own ending and create the life you want. Christa shares how she was able to overcome growing up around drugs with a father on heroin and witnessing domestic violence in her household. She is so brave as she shares her story of being a victim of sexual assault on the police force. In spite of all of this and more, she has become a confident leader and mother of three children empowering other women to share their story now. She shares her truth and will inspire you to live yours too. Being radically honest allowed her to overcome her fear of being vulnerable and rewrite her story. Listen in as she and Colleen dive deep into Christa’s past and pass along lessons and tips we can all use to author our own stories.

We talk about getting that soulful smack, the power in taking ownership of one’s own life and how we truly are the author of our own story.  Christa is a firm believer in journaling and I believe she will inspire you to give it a try if you are not journaling in your life. She is my hero!

You can learn more about Christa at her site, Empower Her Voice or you can find Christa Hayburn on Facebook here.

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