In this week’s solo podcast, Colleen Mook talks about the fact that every person experiences hardship and that we should be patient and kind to each other and ourselves. Suffering is part of the human condition but, rather than give in to it, we can accept it, find the silver lining and persevere. It’s not always easy but we have to remember that we will get through it. Colleen shares that sometimes she has to tell herself over and over, “This too shall pass, this too shall pass.” She gives us hope and encouragement that we are not alone and that we will get to the other side. If possible, find the gift in the hardship and remember that none of us are exempt from having our very own and unique “crosses to bear” in this lifetime. It’s all how we handle the difficult times and to remember to be kind to our neighbor who is probably going through their own “stuff” too.

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