Sarah Armstrong is a self-driven woman who has successfully balanced professional pursuits with raising a family while also having her share of challenges. As a young mom, she had to navigate working full time with little ones while her husband received a cancer diagnosis. Sarah has also run for public office and truly believes that we should all leave everything better than we found it. Not a bad philosophy for this world. Sarah shares tons of wisdom and emphasizes the importance of taking action. If it’s important to you, she says, you have to go after it.

Sarah shares her 2 parenting rules: keep your promises and no idle threats. She describes why she believes these are very important and with some excellent examples. We talk about how children need to experience age appropriate failures and we can’t be there to save them for everything.

She also talks about the importance in self-advocacy, especially for women. She notices a clear difference between women and men when it comes time for their annual review and she wants women to advocate for what is clearly hers.

All throughout this podcast, Sarah is dropping gold for the listeners. You will hear things like: actions express priorities, put yourself out there, let other people know what you are up to and to help out other people in your network. She taught me all about temptation bundling which inspired a later podcast too.

Some books that Sarah mentioned that she loves:

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