7 Business Lessons From My Ellie with Colleen Mook

Colleen Mook, founder of Baby Be Hip, shares seven business lessons she learned from her special needs daughter Ellie. Despite never having said a word, Ellie Mook has been one of Colleen’s greatest teachers. Listen in, as the takeaways from this episode are sure to help us all, whether in business or everyday life.  You will learn that you too can survive any challenge or setback and you can get through difficult things. Colleen also learned the importance in fighting for what you believe in and that in time, you will get what you need to move forward. She believes one of the best business lessons is the value of good help who understands your values. She believes in in giving back because she was lifted up by so many others when her daughter was sick for several years and truly believes in this philosophy in both life and business. A simple mindset of having a positive attitude will change your world and is one of the cornerstones that Colleen has used her entire life.  The other adage that we often hear but may not truly act with everyday is the importance in not sweating the small stuff. The other tip that Colleen has learned from Ellie Mook is that patience is key. For Colleen, this is a hard one but she knows that there are not too many overnight successes in business and believes in the motto of persistent consistency.  She writes more about how Ellie has influenced Colleen on her other blog here and here.

See Colleen’s article on the Huffington Post about the Importance of Rockstars in Your Business. 


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