The 40% Rule with Colleen Mook

Colleen riff’s on the 40% Rule which she recently read about in an Inc article. The article starts off by stating that 99% of people who start a marathon finish. Pretty incredible, isn’t it? There are 26.2 long and taxing miles in a marathon.  It is an incredibly surprising fact but I have since learned, there’s a concept behind that and a reason why so many marathoners attain that accomplishment. It is because of the 40% Rule. This 40% rule is a concept that is used to increase mental toughness in Navy SEALs.

When your mind and your body tell you are done, don’t quit, as you still have plenty of storage in the tank.  The SEALs believe that this is our baseline and there’s so much more that we are capable of in our daily lives.

Colleen encourages all of us to remember this rule when we feel like quitting or think we can’t possibly keep moving on. And remember that wild statistic that 99% of marathoners finish the race.

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